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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Millions of Children are on Deadly Prescribed Drugs

By Cheryl Schoonmaker
Millions of American children are labeled ADD/ADHD and prescribed drugs. 90% of these drugs, a Substance II considered dangerous, are prescribed and distributed in America. At this time there are no long-term studies on the side effects of these drugs on human beings but the studies on animals has given some alarming findings. Young rats exposed to these drugs developed memory problems that persisted into adulthood.

There is no FDA nor Government approved test to label a student ADD/ADHD. Tests given are usually a Q & A that 90% of the human race would fail or it could be a computer test, which has been considered unreliable by even computer experts. Whoever ends up taking these tests will most likely take home a prescription. Many concerned have expressed that the POWER of labeling these children ADD/ADHD is the simplest, and most profitable viewed solution. http://www.adhdtesting.org/tova.htm

Many have been devastated by the immediate side effects of these drugs. February 11, 2005 Canada Announced:
Adderall has been pulled off the

market in Canada after it's been

linked to several sudden deaths and

strokes which occurred in the U.S.
Depression is a COMMON side effect of Ritalin and other ADD/ADHD drugs. Today we are seeing more depression in our teenagers and college students. College faculties are finding that they are understaffed in counselors due to the increase demand of troubled students. Depression is NOT something you can rid yourself of in hours, days, or even weeks especially if you have multiply issues and or no counseling. Depression hurts everyone. The 15-year-old from Conyers, Georgia, who shot six classmates in May 1999, was on Ritalin; Eric Harris, 18, one of the two Columbine killers, was taking the anti-depressant Luvox; and Kip Kinkel, the 15-year-old from Springfield, Oregon, who killed his parents and two schoolmates, and wounded 20 other students in May 1998, had been prescribed the anti-depressant Prozac. Etc.

There are many proven studies that proper nutrition has a positive effect on the brain. But also there is more to getting our kids in balance. This balance doesn't happen over night and it takes patients, dedication and will power by parents, guardians and educators. Every study that I have read has proven that the only benefit that the Ritalin does for these children is turn them into teachable zombies. They did not learn anything more than they would have through other means. Just because you cannot get them to read without doing drugs doesn't mean that all is doomed.

Parents before you say yes to label you child find the real problem(s). Check hearing and eyes and other senses, change daily diets with more greens and omega 3, try some new forms of exercise/sports, some forms of martial arts are extremely successful for over active children, or get some good counseling, and get an IQ test.

Enforcing drugs on children during such a crucial time and during the development of the brain is devastating. These children are our future. They deserve a healthy beginning to life. Conspiracy or not America is looking pretty stupid with this quick fix band aide. There are too many healthy solutions to deplete this deficit.

Einstein verses ADD/ADHD

By Cheryl Schoonmaker

Had Albert Einstein, the man who revolutionized physics years ago, lived in America today he would have been a prime candidate to be labeled ADD/ADHD and prescribed drugs. He and many other great icons of history were considered unmanageable and/or dreamed too much in class. More and more children today are testing teachers and supervisors with uncontrolled behavior.

With millions of American children labeled and on ADD/ADHD drugs, could it be that more gifted children are evolving? The cerebral cortex is responsible for higher brain functions, including sensation, voluntary muscle movement, thought, reasoning, and memory. New studies published in the journal Nature found that the cortex continued to thicken in gifted children until around age 11 or 12, much later than in children of average intelligence, whose cortex thickening peaked by age 8. By the late teens they even out with the average student. This may give insight to why the so many gifted children act different and/or show signs of immaturity than that of the same age children with average intelligence. These behaviors may be mistaken as a perfect ADD/ADHD candidate.

It is during the cortex development, neurons in the brain make many connections. Drugs may affect how these connections are made. They could alter how neurons are generated or "born," how neurons migrate to the proper places in the brain, how axons grow, or how synapses form. Several studies that suggest ADD/ADHD drugs cause changes in the brains of young animals. Young rats exposed to these drugs developed memory problems that persisted into adulthood.

Albert Einstein quoted: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Without the exploration of using imagination the wheel would not be. Why not incorporate more usage of imagination in class, knowledge would be sought after and a deficit would disappear.

On Einstein's 72nd birthday in 1951, the UPI photographer Arthur Sasse was trying to persuade him to smile for the camera. Having done this for the photographer many times that day, Einstein stuck out his tongue instead. The image is used in a poster used in the UK as part of dyslexia education, which has a string of posters showing great scientists, thinkers and artists and talks about the unfounded (not specified within the posters) claims that they had/have dyslexia. May 13th 2007

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Some Students are SleepWalking Though School

By Cheryl Schoonmaker

Fact: Young teenagers walk upright and look as though they are awake in the early hours of the day, when in fact they are still mentally sleeping. Several studies have shown that student get less sleep on school nights due to stress and worries related to school pressures and exams.

Fact: Schools want their student body to get great grades so they look like great schools.

Idea: All students drug FREE including ADD/ADDH Drugs, with 75 or less average would be scheduled with art, music, gym, mind stimulating curriculum and less mind concentrating classes prior to lunch. Lunch would include foods that directly target brain productivity, such as vegetables, greens and omega 3. And of course limiting the intake of additives and preservatives. After lunch they should be awake for the Math, Science, Social and English.

Prediction: 10 to 20% higher grades for all the sleep-walking students, which would make the school really look good.