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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Some Students are SleepWalking Though School

By Cheryl Schoonmaker

Fact: Young teenagers walk upright and look as though they are awake in the early hours of the day, when in fact they are still mentally sleeping. Several studies have shown that student get less sleep on school nights due to stress and worries related to school pressures and exams.

Fact: Schools want their student body to get great grades so they look like great schools.

Idea: All students drug FREE including ADD/ADDH Drugs, with 75 or less average would be scheduled with art, music, gym, mind stimulating curriculum and less mind concentrating classes prior to lunch. Lunch would include foods that directly target brain productivity, such as vegetables, greens and omega 3. And of course limiting the intake of additives and preservatives. After lunch they should be awake for the Math, Science, Social and English.

Prediction: 10 to 20% higher grades for all the sleep-walking students, which would make the school really look good.

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Anonymous said...

I am Looking for new teaching ideas for the board kids.

Maybe more computer interaction.